Ploughman’s Lunch Video

    An exceedingly British pub lunch, the Ploughman’s Lunch is a simple dish to prepare which means it is important to use first-rate ingredients. Here is the full recipe…

    Welsh Rarebit

      Welsh rarebit is a fancier, runnier, more alcoholic version of grilled cheese. Originally known as Welsh rabbit, even though the dish was always meatless, it consists of a cooked cheese sauce, usually incorporating some form of beer, poured over toast and browned under the broiler. It’s vital to use a… Read More »Welsh Rarebit

      Cornish Pasty

      The pasty is as ancient as England. Chaucer mentions pasties in the Canterbury Tales. The first thing you need to learn is how to say the word properly.  The “a” in pasty is pronounced as in the word ‘hat.” Pasties became popular amongst workers in the Cornish tin mines.  The crimped crust provides a… Read More »Cornish Pasty

      Coronation Chicken

        Created to mark the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II in 1953, coronation chicken pays homage to Britain’s colonial past with its Indian flavors. Sultanas are commonly used in British cooking; the American equivalent is known as golden raisins. Coronation chicken is usually served over greens in a salad or in… Read More »Coronation Chicken

        Sausage Rolls

          Sausage rolls are the quintessential British savory snack. Bite-sized yet hearty, they can be found at any gathering of four or more British people.

          At afternoon tea, they provide a welcome counterbalance to the sweetness of baked goods. Sausage rolls can be enjoyed at any temperature and are easily portable, making them a perfect addition to any picnic. This recipe calls for Branston Pickle, a tangy condiment made from a variety of fruit, vegetables, and spices. If you are unable to find it locally, carry on. The rolls will taste just as good.Read More »Sausage Rolls