Lamb Stew with Dumplings

    “It reminds me of winter days in my youth, when I would come home late completely soaked through and Mum would give me a rollicking about catching pneumonia, then she’d give me a big bowl of stew. ” Jamie Oliver Is there anything more satisfying on a cold day than… Read More »Lamb Stew with Dumplings

    Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding

      “The pairing of roast beef and Yorkshire pudding is one of the great culinary marriages of all time. It was the classic British Sunday lunch for generations and is still esteemed and enjoyed today.” Pudding: A Global History by Jeri Quinzio In the iconography of British cuisine, roast beef and Yorkshire… Read More »Roast Beef and Yorkshire Pudding

      Sardines on Toast

        “The slices of bread and butter, which they give you with their tea, are as thin as poppy leaves. But there is another kind of bread and butter usually eaten with tea, which is toasted by the fire, and is incomparably good. You take one slice after the other and… Read More »Sardines on Toast

        Scotch Eggs

        “And what could be more quintessential to [the great British picnic] than the humble scotch egg? Extraordinary things. In the past, they went from rich man’s caprice to Victorian savoury. Now they inhabit a strange hinterland between pubby ubiquity and zhooshed-up gastro cliche.” Oliver Thring, The Guardian “Boil hard five… Read More »Scotch Eggs

        Fishcakes with Parsley Sauce

          The British are famous for fish and chips, but another maritime dish, fishcakes, is every bit as British. Fishcakes represent two important characteristics of British life: proximity to the sea and frugality. Frugality because fishcakes are often made with leftovers, following the axiom that remnants of any food can be… Read More »Fishcakes with Parsley Sauce