Somerset Pork

    “Apples have always been a major fruit crop in Somerset, and its villages are ringed by orchards, with countless local apple varietals that you don’t see anywhere else….For thousands of years Somerset locals have been getting alcohol out of apples, and that’s where cider comes in.”Visit Somerset: History and Heritage… Read More »Somerset Pork

    Scotch Eggs

    “And what could be more quintessential to [the great British picnic] than the humble scotch egg? Extraordinary things. In the past, they went from rich man’s caprice to Victorian savoury. Now they inhabit a strange hinterland between pubby ubiquity and zhooshed-up gastro cliche.” Oliver Thring, The Guardian “Boil hard five… Read More »Scotch Eggs

    Toad in the Hole

    Toad in the hole is no laughing matter. Named for its resemblance to a toad popping its head out of — you guessed it — a hole, it is seriously delicious. Who can resist sausages nestled in crispy batter, slathered with a rich onion gravy? Not I, my friend. Not… Read More »Toad in the Hole