Somerset Pork

    “Apples have always been a major fruit crop in Somerset, and its villages are ringed by orchards, with countless local apple varietals that you don’t see anywhere else….For thousands of years Somerset locals have been getting alcohol out of apples, and that’s where cider comes in.”Visit Somerset: History and Heritage… Read More »Somerset Pork

    Lancashire Hotpot

    “Lancashire Hotpot, what could be more a synonym of Northern cooking, as grim and earthy as the life of a sheepherder, was the standard lamb dish….Hotpot was named for the big steep sided crockery pot or pippin the lamb and potatoes and onions cooked in all day in the fireplace… Read More »Lancashire Hotpot


      “Were you busy yesterday, luv?” Mrs. Saltmarsh placed a cup and saucer before her young boarder. The aromas of freshly perked coffee and hot scones filled the breakfast nook. Before he could respond, Mrs. Saltmarsh interjected, “Now try these and see if they aren’t better than the scones from Taggert’s.… Read More »Scones

      Leek and Potato Soup

      Leek and Potato Soup

      “Leeks cost more because fewer of them are grown and fewer of them are grown because there is less demand for them. And why is there less demand? Because despite their high price today, they have long been associated with and dismissed as the food of the poor and the… Read More »Leek and Potato Soup

      Summer Pudding

      “It was a time for bottling and drying vegetables for the winter table, and for rich summer pudding filled with berries to be set in a cold larder, the juices to mingle.” An Incomplete Revenge by Jacqueline Winspear “One of the loveliest fruit puddings of the world is English Summer… Read More »Summer Pudding