Somerset Pork

    “Apples have always been a major fruit crop in Somerset, and its villages are ringed by orchards, with countless local apple varietals that you don’t see anywhere else….For thousands of years Somerset locals have been getting alcohol out of apples, and that’s where cider comes in.”Visit Somerset: History and Heritage… Read More »Somerset Pork

    Chorley Cakes

      “My best thanks for your Chorley Cakes, ladies, are due; As I eat them, of course, I was thinking of you; And strange twinges I felt while consuming the cakes, I prized them so much for the kind givers’ sakes; As your gifts they appeared things too precious to eat,… Read More »Chorley Cakes

      Lancashire Hotpot

      “Lancashire Hotpot, what could be more a synonym of Northern cooking, as grim and earthy as the life of a sheepherder, was the standard lamb dish….Hotpot was named for the big steep sided crockery pot or pippin the lamb and potatoes and onions cooked in all day in the fireplace… Read More »Lancashire Hotpot


      “At home my father tears open a packet of crumpets and toasts them on the Aga. He puts so much butter on them that it runs through the holes and down our arms as we pull at the soft, warm dough with our teeth.” Toast: The Story of a Boy’s… Read More »Crumpets

      Liver and Onions

      Liver and Onions

        “We carried on our usual banter as I prepared the meal; then Tom arrived home. Coming into the kitchen, he sniffed around as usual. Can’t smell any onions, he said. No, I’ve done a meat pie instead. But we always have liver and onions on Friday, he wailed. The butcher… Read More »Liver and Onions