Chorley Cakes

    “My best thanks for your Chorley Cakes, ladies, are due; As I eat them, of course, I was thinking of you; And strange twinges I felt while consuming the cakes, I prized them so much for the kind givers’ sakes; As your gifts they appeared things too precious to eat,… Read More »Chorley Cakes


    “At home my father tears open a packet of crumpets and toasts them on the Aga. He puts so much butter on them that it runs through the holes and down our arms as we pull at the soft, warm dough with our teeth.” Toast: The Story of a Boy’s… Read More »Crumpets

    Jammie Dodgers

    Jammie Dodgers

      “The best aspects of the primary school classroom were the sandbox and the ‘tuck trolley’ that delivered the jam-filled cookies we called Jammie Dodgers at eleven o’clock sharp.” John Taylor, In the Pleasure Groove Deluxe: Love, Death, and Duran Duran “Technically, Brian was not, in fact, a tea boy, but… Read More »Jammie Dodgers


        “Were you busy yesterday, luv?” Mrs. Saltmarsh placed a cup and saucer before her young boarder. The aromas of freshly perked coffee and hot scones filled the breakfast nook. Before he could respond, Mrs. Saltmarsh interjected, “Now try these and see if they aren’t better than the scones from Taggert’s.… Read More »Scones

        Digestive Biscuits

          [Note: If you are unfamiliar with British food, you should know that “biscuits” are what Americans call “cookies.” American biscuits — the fluffy Southern kind — do not exist in Britain.] Digestive biscuits are a peculiarly British invention. The brainchild of two Scottish physicians in 1839, they were thought to… Read More »Digestive Biscuits