Lemon Syllabub with Brandy Snaps

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    Syllabub with Brandy Snaps

    “Frothy, fruity versions of the posset without its custardy eggs, syllabubs had been all the rage since Charles II was reputed to have sent his milkmaid into the fields with a dish of warmed spiced wine or fruit syrup into which she was to milk the cow.”
    Kate Colquhoun, Taste: The Story of Britain through its Cooking

    “The odd-sounding name itself—sometimes spelled ‘sillibub’—comes from the early English word ‘silly,’ meaning ‘happy.’ As you will see, it is a very happy alcoholic dessert indeed.”
    James Beard

    A light, airy wisp of a dessert, syllabub dates back to the Tudor Era. Part foamy cream, part cocktail (it was once served as a female party drink), it defies description, except to say that it provides a refreshing counterpoint to a heavy meal such as a roast. This recipe uses white wine, although others use sherry or even brandy. The citrus is a must, as it cuts the sweetness of the cream and provides a bright flavor. This adults-only dessert is delicious served with brandy snaps, ginger snaps or shortbread cookies.

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