Toad in the Hole

Toad in the hole is no laughing matter. Named for its resemblance to a toad popping its head out of — you guessed it — a hole, it is seriously delicious. Who can resist sausages nestled in crispy batter, slathered with a rich onion gravy? Not I, my friend. Not… Read More »Toad in the Hole

Sausage Rolls

    Sausage rolls are the quintessential British savory snack. Bite-sized yet hearty, they can be found at any gathering of four or more British people.

    At afternoon tea, they provide a welcome counterbalance to the sweetness of baked goods. Sausage rolls can be enjoyed at any temperature and are easily portable, making them a perfect addition to any picnic. This recipe calls for Branston Pickle, a tangy condiment made from a variety of fruit, vegetables, and spices. If you are unable to find it locally, carry on. The rolls will taste just as good.Read More »Sausage Rolls