Digestive Biscuits

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    Digestive Biscuits

    Digestive Biscuits

    [Note: If you are unfamiliar with British food, you should know that “biscuits” are what Americans call “cookies.” American biscuits — the fluffy Southern kind — do not exist in Britain.]

    Digestive biscuits are a peculiarly British invention. The brainchild of two Scottish physicians in 1839, they were thought to aid digestion because of the inclusion of baking soda, nature’s antacid. It wasn’t until the 1920s that some brilliant soul thought to add chocolate. Since then, the chocolate digestive has gone on to become Britain’s favorite biscuit to dunk in a cup of tea. This is an actual fact backed up by scientific polling. Really.

    Opinions vary on whether to include oatmeal. This recipe does; therefore, so should you. What is indisputable is that digestives are best accompanied by a cuppa (tea). You may substitute coffee in a pinch, but it is not advisable. When dunking, remember that the cookies have a crumbly consistency and will fall apart easily. Hence, the optimal dunking time is 1-2 seconds.



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